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Can you go more than 2 days without your cyber-connected fix? If so, this travel site may be for you. Imagine 'real life' before the digital age. Before high speed internet, before digital cameras, before smart phones. No wifi, no smart meters, no gaming addictions, no GPS. Minimal or no cell signal in California's rural regions was common through the 90's. There was no digital mobile cell network. Before the tweets, the constant memes and paralysis of our current, modern techno-crazed culture, DanaMite started this travel web site way back, two decades ago. Catchy phrases like, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) did not yet exist.

OWN THIS: DanaMite is seeking a business partner. Expert in web code, analytics, system admin, love the outdoors? Must reside in California.

Total Escape holds thousands of real photos of real places. Secluded destinations, camping and lodging, examining the best side routes, the maps (to get you out there), locals-only travel tips, festivals and events; juicy content specific only to California. Focusing on outdoor destinations, small towns and budget-minded travel since the beginning, we've recreated the weekend getaway - without the crowds. Escape the matrix, the city life, the traffic jams and learn how to avoid the tourist traps. Drive on past the factory outlet malls and the water slides, we've got much more to show you - out on the back roads, in the backcountry. Experience life: out of doors.

I started building this travel site on a 33k modem back in 1996. My 3D animation career had dissolved and I was looking for new ground, the world wide web was in its infancy so I played a wild card and started my own biz online. While living in hectic Los Angeles I found the need to escape - often. Way outside the city limits, hours of driving, to the dense forests and wild river canyons. I traveled and explored so much I was gone every other weekend, so far from busy Southern Cal rat race. My body craved to be outdoors at every opportunity, hiking, biking, kayaking, snowmobiling; but wait, I had a web site to build. My first digital camera purchase was in 1999 - and then I really began documenting every nook and cranny of the golden state. Years worth of California travels are still waiting to be written about, with thousands of my photos to accompany them. Stay tuned to Total Escape, more is still to come.

Enjoy rural California - more nature, less people.

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